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Information for Transfer Students

If you transferred to Cal Poly from another CSU campus: 

  • You may receive GWR credit. Bring a copy of your transcript or evidence that you have fulfilled the requirement at another CSU to the University Writing & Rhetoric Center Office (10-130).

If you transferred to Cal Poly from a 4-year institution outside of the CSU system:

  • You may request to susbtitute alternate criteria for Cal Poly's GWR.  It may be difficult to make an assessment, especially since our requirement is so specific to Cal Poly. Term papers, for example, are not sufficient to meet the GWR. 

If you transferred to Cal Poly from a community college:

  • You will need to fulfill the GWR at Cal Poly even if you were GE-certified at your community college because the GWR is an upper-division requirement.



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Upcoming Events

Writing Consultations 

September 24 - December 6 

Winter Quarter WPE Dates 

January 24, 27, and 30


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Writing Consultations

The University Writing & Rhetoric Center offers free writing consultations to all Cal Poly students.  

Beginning September 24, students may visit one of three locations and work with a consultant for thirty or sixty minutes.  *Note: as of September 24, the center is no longer located in Building 10, Room 138; the center's main location is now in Kennedy Library, Room 111C.

Click here for more information.

English Placement

The CSU determines academic placement based on the results of students' pre-college exam scores. Students who do not clear a conditional status or are deemed "not ready" for college-level coursework based on pre-college exams and/or coursework are placed in writing courses to prepare them for academic success on campus. If developmental coursework is required, students must fulfill a two-quarter stretch composition course by the end of their first year in order to comply with CSU mandates. 

Graduation Writing Requirement (GWR)

The GWR must be fulfilled by all Cal Poly students who are seeking a degree, including Master's degree and teaching credentials.  Undergraduate students must complete 90 units before they can fulfill the requirement and should fulfill the requirement before the senior year.  Visit the GWR page for more information on how to complete this requirement.