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GWR-Approved Upper-Division Courses

To fulfill the GWR, you must pass one of the courses below with a grade of C or better AND receive certification of proficiency in writing based on a 500-word in-class essay; you will be offered multiple attempts (at least two) to earn certification.  Note: In order to be considered for GWR completion through an upper-division approved course, at the onset of the quarter you must inform the course instructor that you are seeking to satisfy the GWR through the course.  

Non-GE Writing Courses

  • English 301 Advanced Composition – ESL
  • English 302 Writing: Advanced Composition
  • English 310 Corporate Communication
  • English 317 Technical Editing
  • English 326 Literary Criticism

GE C4 Literature Courses

  • English 330 British Literature in the Age of Belief: to 1485
  • English 331 British Literature in the Age of the Renaissance: 1485-1660
  • English 332 British Literature in the Age of Enlightenment: 1660-1798
  • English  333 British Literature in the Age of Romanticism: 1798-1832
  • English 334 British Literature in the Age of Industrialism: 1832-1914
  • English 335 British Literature in the Age of Modernism: 1914- Present
  • English 339 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • English 340 The Literary Sources of the American Character: 1600-1865
  • English 341 The Literary Sources of the American Character: 1865-1914
  • English 342 The Literary Sources of the American Character: 1914-1956
  • English 343 Multiple Voices of Contemporary American Literature: 1956-Present
  • English 345 Women Writers of the Twentieth Century
  • English 346 Ethnic American Literature
  • English 347 African American Literature
  • English 349 Gender in Twentieth Century Literature
  • English 350 The Modern Novel
  • English 351 Modern Poetry
  • English 352 Modern Drama
  • English 354 The bible as Literature and in Literature and the Arts
  • English 370 World Cinema
  • English 371 Film Styles and Genres
  • English 372 Film Directors
  • English 380 Literary Themes
  • English 381 Diversity in Twentieth-Century American Literature
  • English 382 LGBT Literature and Media

Check the Cal Poly catalog to see which courses also meet the USCP requirement.

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Writing Consultations

The University Writing & Rhetoric Center offers free writing consultations to all Cal Poly students. Students may visit one of three locations and work with a consultant for thirty or sixty minutes.  *Note: the center is no longer located in Building 10, Room 138; the center's main location is now in Kennedy Library, Room 111C. Click here for more information.

English Placement

The CSU determines four levels of English placement based on multiple measures of students' pre-college performance. Students placed in both Category III and Category IV are required to complete a two-quarter stretch sequence of English composition. Category IV students are also required to complete Early Start English prior to enrolling in the two-quarter stretch sequence. More information is available here.

Graduation Writing Requirement

The GWR must be fulfilled by all Cal Poly students who are seeking a degree, including a Master's degree or teaching credential.  Undergraduate students must complete 90 units before they can fulfill the requirement and should fulfill the requirement before the senior year.  Visit the GWR page for more information.